How retail shopping has changed during covid-19
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How retail shopping has changed during covid-19

Nothing more clearly underscores how quickly the planet of retail can change than our current struggle with COVID-19. The coronavirus pandemic has made business continuity a monumental challenge for all retailers, including fashion brands who traditionally have relied on giving customers an opportunity to ascertain , feel and check out on the clothes they’re buying . Mrs. Darling first heard of Peter when she was tidying […]

How people are shopping during covid-19

Total store growth continued to hamper in brick & mortar, while online sales accelerated last week. Grocery and Household care rose up to be within the top-five departments. Beverages and Salty Snacks accounted for many of the Grocery growth both online and offline. For the primary time since COVID started, Alcohol lost its top-five department status. Ice skating most likely created in Scandinavia […]

Keeping your stock full during a pandemic

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, so does people’s got to safely obtain basic necessities. More and more, folks are turning to online grocery services to urge their essentials delivered as they struggle to remain socially distanced. It’s an excellent option, especially for those that are at a better risk from the virus, but if you’ve never shopped for groceries online, now could also be a very confusing and chaotic time to start […]