TESA Group Limited established 20 years ago, is an experienced and motivated tourism company full of new ideas and radiating energy.

During the past years, we have meticulously helped more than 100,000 customers by meeting them at the airport, arranging personalized city tours, finding the best price for hotel and flight ticket reservations, and following their visa applications, to name a few.

We trust the knowledge we have gained in the industry and are bringing a new wind to the executive transportation services industry with Tripedi.

Tripedi Is More Than A Car Rental Company

As a company that has witnessed all the problems that can be experienced in the tourism sector when third parties come into play, Tripedi’s mission is to create a smooth and hassle-free travel plan for you from the first to the last moment of your visit, and always to accompany you with our experienced and knowledgeable drivers.

By booking a vehicle at Tripedi, our customers also hire a private driver with excellent knowledge of the areas they want to explore who will not allow problems such as getting lost in a country or city you do not know and will always guide you most accurately.

Don’t forget! You can choose Tripedi to accompany you on your touristic trips or on an ordinary day when you want to travel with a private driver anywhere your heart desires!

Tripedi is established with a solid financial structure, targeting to be your best road-mate and providing you with the highest quality transportation services in the market with famous Turkish hospitality.

You can now choose a car from our brand-new car fleet with private drivers and enjoy the ride!




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