How retail shopping has changed during covid-19
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How retail shopping has changed during covid-19

Nothing more clearly underscores how quickly the planet of retail can change than our current struggle with COVID-19. The coronavirus pandemic has made business continuity a monumental challenge for all retailers, including fashion brands who traditionally have relied on giving customers an opportunity to ascertain , feel and check out on the clothes they’re buying . Mrs. Darling first heard of Peter when she was tidying […]

How people are shopping during covid-19

Total store growth continued to hamper in brick & mortar, while online sales accelerated last week. Grocery and Household care rose up to be within the top-five departments. Beverages and Salty Snacks accounted for many of the Grocery growth both online and offline. For the primary time since COVID started, Alcohol lost its top-five department status. Ice skating most likely created in Scandinavia […]

Staying safe while buying grocery

Wear a mask, but skip the gloves. Don’t sanitize the apples. And if you’re older than 65, it’s probably best to still order your groceries online. As a food virologist, I hear tons of questions from people about the coronavirus risks in grocery stores and the way to remain safe while buying food amid the pandemic. Here are answers to a number of the common questions. […]